General Litigation

Trusted Litigation Lawyers Serving the Okanagan

At Bell Jacoe & Company, our priority is to help our clients resolve their disputes in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible while preserving their reputation. We also assist our clients in assessing and managing their risks to minimize the potential for future disputes. Our litigation lawyers are experienced, skillful, intelligent and energetic advocates capable of handling any difficult cases. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your situation with our legal team.

Dedicated to Serving You

We care about our clients and take great pride in our work. In every case we are entrusted to pursue or defend, we work hard to get our clients results in the most cost-effective manner possible. Whether it’s filing a lawsuit or defending an action, or representing our clients in a negotiation, we provide our clients with the strategic advice and guidance they need.

Area of Practice

Bell Jacoe & Company’s goal is to provide our clients with high-quality advice. We represent clients in a wide variety of disputes, including:

  • Real estate-related disputes including claims for damages by buyer or seller, claims of misrepresentation, other breaches of a contract of purchase and sale, commercial leasing disputes, and claims of compensation for expropriation
  • Company and ownership disputes including shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, allegations of fraud or misappropriation, and corporate governance matters
  • Commercial disputes including claims for breach of commercial contracts, claims of fraud, debt collection, claims of negligence or misrepresentation resulting in business losses, or breaches of a purchase and sale agreement or a franchise agreement
  • Estate litigation including claims under the Wills, Estates and Succession Act, undue influence claims, or claims concerning an estate administration
  • Builders’ lien matters and the creation, preservation, perfection, and enforcement of liens
  • Contractual disputes arising from internal disagreements, disputes with a customer or disputes with another business

We will seek an outcome that protects your interests and your finances. If appropriate, we may seek to resolve your dispute using alternative means of dispute resolution, saving you from the time and stress often involved in litigation. If you are looking for a litigation lawyer serving Summerland and the South Okanagan, give us a call.