Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Lawyer

Serving Summerland and the surrounding area

Joseph P. Jacoe has 20 years’ experience dealing with personal injury claims in the province of British Columbia. As a personal injury lawyer serving Penticton and Summerland, he acts only for plaintiffs and does not represent insurance companies in defense of such claims.  His years of experience and expertise will benefit you in resolving your case easily and effectively.

Thousands of people are injured each year due to someone else’s negligence. At Bell Jacoe & Company, we know that cases involving personal injury can have a life-changing impact both on the injured person and on the family. There can be a lot of reasons categorized under personal injury such as slip and fall, automobile collision, spinal cord injuries, damage due to the negligence of property owners and so on.

No amount of compensation or money can bring back the initial health and comfort of your body. If the injury is severe, it can impact your personal and work life. We strongly believe in the right for every injured person to pursue fair compensation.  We are here to help you through the legal process so you can begin to heal and move forward with your life.

Reach out to us today if you or if your loved one is suffering due to the negligence of another person. We offer a number of services to help you go through the legal process of seeking the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We do offer free consultations for personal injury cases. While you focus on rehabilitation, we are here to process claims for the injury. Just keep all your bills safe so that we can ensure you get the right compensation which you are entitled to. You can even claim for personal injury claims if there is a case of medical negligence and if you get adulterated food from restaurants or sellers.

Personal injury law includes the following:

  • Injuries resulting from a slip and fall
  • Injuries from dog bites
  • Injuries received while attending public institutions
  • Injuries received while using public transportation
  • Occupier’s liability claims
  • Motor vehicle injury claims – see ICBC section
  • Civil assault claims
  • Recreational and sports-related injuries

Our areas of practice also include general litigation and disputes related to family law and real estate.