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Wills And Estate Lawyer in Summerland & Penticton

In 30 years of practice, Patrick A. Bell has created thousands of wills and estates in Summerland and Penticton that have catered to the needs of clients. He has successfully documented many estate plans, including complex family trusts and corporate estate freezes. In addition, he has extensive experience in probate applications and all other general estate matters.

Bell Jacoe & Co has many years of experience in estate litigation, successfully representing both executors and beneficiaries in contentious estates, Estate Administration Act claims, and Wills Variation Act actions.

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The Will

Your will is the last document that your family will have to refer to for the proper distribution of your estate. It is critical to make sure that you have left clear instructions to help your family during this time of grief. Time spent clearly setting out your last wishes will take a great deal of the stress away from your family.


Estate Planning

Taking the appropriate steps while you are alive can greatly reduce the income tax and other administrative costs of probating your estate. An estate plan is as individual as you are and can be as simple as adding a son or daughter to your bank account and as complex as a multi-level corporate estate freeze. Discussing such matters with your lawyer and providing him with the correct information regarding your circumstances is critical to effectively reduce your estate costs. Give us a call today for a consultation about wills and estates in Summerland and Penticton.

Benefits of Hiring an Estate Lawyer

Having Control Over Your Property Even After Your Death: Through wills, you get to decide who manages and has rights to your property. This means that even after you pass away, you have a significant amount of control over your assets and how they are managed. 

Saves Your Family from Trouble: The loss of a family member can be a difficult and challenging time. Having a will created beforehand will save your family the additional task of diving up assets and clearly states what each person inherits. 

Avoids Family Feuds: Countless families have fought and broken up over issues relating to property and estates. You can avoid this from happening after your death if you decide everything before your passing.

Minimization of Fees and Taxes: There are taxes and fees associated with a property. By taking the help of our estate lawyers, you can divide your estate and minimize the taxes and fees your family member would be liable to pay. 

Protect Your Estate

Our estate lawyers will help you make a will so that you can decide what happens with your estates after you die.